Sample Videos

On this page, you’ll find some general videos and some industry specific ones. Use these videos to get a sense of his style and topic coverage!

Disruption - It’s Bigger Than You Think!

14 minutes of pure performance. Need more? You’ll find some other sample clips below!

Organizational Sclerosis and the Innovation Killers

From an event in the UK - what holds companies back from the future?.

When An Astronaut Leaves Water on the Stage!

Jim has to think fast when Chris Hadfield spills a glass of water on stage!

Being Agile

Are you structured for speed?

Three Types of People

Which one are you? It matters!

It’s All About the Batteries

From an event for 500 utility executives, on the future of energy.

The Jetsons are Already Here!

The future is here 50 years early!

Reinventing Manufacturing

How companies are really reinventing themselves through innovative thinking

The Next Generation and Interactive Sports

From a keynote for the PGA of America - the kids are just different!

There’s More to Disruption Than You Think! 

A fast 4 minutes on just a few of the disruptive trends out there today. 

The Acceleration of Self-Driving Trucks

Why it’s Happening Faster Than You Think!

A Keynote in Chicago - The First 3 Minutes

Opening with thoughts on the fast future! When you are in front of an audience of 3,000, you’ve got to grab their attention qjuickly.

A Little Bit Disruptive

Another short clip with a variety of trends that are driving disruption in every industry.